Friday, May 09, 2008

Someone's in the Kitchen with Tajee!

Well, someone in our church thought it would be a good idea to ask Julie Westra to make a salad for 300 women attending an educational luncheon. What were they thinking?! I suck at this kind of thing! I am more of what I'd like to call a party "participant" and not an actual worker-bee. I talk far too much to be productive, basically. I just want all of the fun with none of the work involved. Is that so wrong? Anyway, of course I said yes and then freaked out! I rallied my favorite go-to girls (who, btw, would all have been much better choices as project managers!) and we turned it into a party. My dear friend, Tajee (no, she is not Native American - everyone asks me that - her mom was just being creative that day) offered her house for us to desecrate as we chopped, measured, scooped, stirred and mixed. Monique, Cathie, Tajee and I were crazy knife-wielding divas. But we did have one injury. I hope the attendees can't taste the blood in the concoction. :) Thank you, Tajee! Dave even stopped by for a cameo appearance and a big smooch. And I have to say, those ladies at the function tomorrow will be extremely happy because this dish is super delicious. Oh heck, I'll just be happy if no one gets food poisoning. But then again, if they do I guess they'll never ask me to head this up again, now will they?

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Lindsay said...

I'm happy to say that after eating your salad I am not sick and I did not taste blood :) Sadly for you, you did such a good job you may be asked to make more stuff. Hope you have caller ID :)