Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, Tiffany has always dreamed of being an actress and after several small scale productions at the Bellevue Youth Theatre (which does an AMAZING job, by the way), she finally graduated to the main stage and got her wish, when she was cast as a background singer and dancer in Meydenbauer Center's "Oklahoma!" She was pretty thrilled! Now, before you go thinking she is some incredible actress (and she is!), just know that EVERY child who auditions, gets a part. :) That's the beauty of it - no one is turned away, no matter what, so it's a great experience for all. The directors and producers are brilliantly talented and accomplish so much within a short amount of time and the patience they have with these children is outstanding. That said, can I just say that Oklahoma! is one of the most boring productions I have ever seen? My word! I almost fell asleep. For the love! I only kept my eyes open to watch the little cutie pie in the back sing and dance her heart out in those kickin' boots! We had a fantastic time all in all and Gma Priscilla, Gma Mary and Gpa Joe even came out to cheer on their future big screen grandaughter. Well worth it!


Allison Barnes said...

What a cutie! Good job Tiffany. I must admit that Oklahoma isn't one of my favorites either!

joeandmary said...

oh my gosh! Those are two of the four prettiest grandaughters I ever saw.

Sarchet Family said...

Way to go Tiffany! I can tell she is a star already! She is a true Diva for sure! Love it!