Sunday, June 08, 2008

Make Up Junkie

To quote my friend, Lindsay Brown, "My friend Julie is one of those girls who loves make up. Loves loves loves it!" That pretty much sums it up, people. Anyone who claims to know me knows that I can just about name all the girls at the make up counters and even talk them into giving me their tools for the night to give my friend a makeover. I'm obsessed with all the new products and colors. Aside from the blessing of being a mother and raising children, make up is the second most fun thing about being a girl. Well, fashion in general, but cosmetics is the real draw for me, since you can treat your face like a fresh canvas every day, ready for a new palette. Do you remember those giant Barbie heads years ago that came with make up and even hair dye? Well, I got one for Christmas one year (I must have been 7 or 8) and have been hooked ever since. I used to even torture my brothers and give them makeovers (I'm pretty sure I got into big trouble for using mom's AVON products) when they were too young to put up a fight. I think I could have pictures documenting this somewhere, but I may have to go into witness protection if those surface. Anyway, I could devote an entire blog to just make up and makeovers, but that's for another lifetime. Right now just trying to make the world a pretty place one girl at a time and thought I would share with you my latest masterpieces.