Monday, September 29, 2008

Go Julie, Go!

Oh my word, I am so FREAKIN' behind on this blog thing, I can hardly stand it. Blogging sucks. I am used to just starting something, going full speed to the point of exhaustion, and then moving on to the next latest and greatest. I blame the ADD. Self-diagnosed, of course. Well the thing is, you can't just decide you are going to quit blogging apparently, or people harass the living crap out of you. I know, hello? The nerve! It's like I joined the Mafia or something and now I can never leave. Or I get a hit put on me. For the love!

By the way, hello to my husband's co-workers who read my blog. Thanks for reading it! I'm sure Dave has conveyed to you that I love the attention, but I beg of you, could you PLEASE post a comment? Don't worry, I won't think it's weird or voyeuristic. I live for that stuff, trust me. What IS weird is that you read and DON'T comment, now that's where I'm callin' you out. You know who you are................ :) Now don't be shy. That goes for anyone else who is reading and NOT commenting, co-worker or not. I welcome all forms of stalking.

Okay, so I actually accomplished something incredibly amazing this summer that I NEVER EVER thought in a million years I would do in my entire life. I RAN A 10K RACE!!!! Yes, people, you heard right. The girl who HATES running with everything in her body, ran a full freakin' race and she didn't even come in last. Ha Ha! That was my biggest fear, honestly, no kidding. That and that I would have to stop midway and use the bathroom because I have that small bladder issue and that there would be no facility available. That's okay - my fears were alieved I'm happy to say. Thrilled, actually.

My wonderful and supportive family was there to cheer me on and my friend, Kendra George, who bullied me into registering for the race (THANK YOU, KENDRA!!!!), was my running buddy. It was one of the highlights of my year! I was 18th out of 35 in my category, coming in at a 9.24 min mile. Definitely not last. This, coming from a woman who couldn't even run a half mile last year. Is it brazen to say that I amaze myself?! :) Dave was so proud of me, and the girls too, especially Tiffany. Now, can I just say that I have NO desire to ever run anything longer than 6.3 miles - EVER. My next adventure is to jump out of a plane. I have some friends who are trying to talk me into it, but Dave is not on board with the whole thing. I am DYING to do it now, especially since he said I can't. Still have that teenage rebellious streak. Defiance, I guess. Don't tell me no, baby!

My Training Partner, Kendra - aka/PollyPocket - isn't she just a cutie!?

me and my fan club!

Sticky, sweaty, mess post race - yucky!