Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get My Good Side, Honey!

So yes, I realize this is just a little on the self-serving side (Dave is behind me saying, "conceited, write conceited, honey") to post a billion pictures of myself, but for someone who has up until recently shunned the camera, I am just making up for lost time. :) So sorry to give you a full Julie photo-assault/attack. Yes, I'm a dork. I promise not to do it again, but I am still getting used to seeing myself on film. Most of you know I just lost 63lbs. I say that like it happened overnight, but really, as anyone who has lost a lot of weight knows, it was an arduous task and I've never worked harder for anything in my life thus far. This is just a little self shout-out. Indulge me, would ya? Thanks for ALL of your support through my journey. You have all been amazing cheerleaders and motivators. You have no idea how far the compliments have taken me. Love ya~!


Carol said...

[in my best Billy Crystal voice] You look Mah-velous dah-ling! *WINK!*

OBE said...

"Boy he's good looking." Why is it that all the comments are about Julie? I lost a couple pounds! Crap I'm pretty hot. Heck my tie matches on Mothers day. No one said a dang thing. Hello, throw me a bone people!


PS I didn't Ok those pictures! I told you no extra hot pictures! Take them off.

DebraPants said...

Julie, you have always been such a hot mama, but you really do look great! Congrats on the success of your weight loss journey! :)

Sarchet Family said...

Wow- that is alot of Julie to take in.............:-) It will take me time to get over that...ha ha...You do look great. I am glad to see that you are feeling good about your self............of Great about your self. That is all good. Have you checked out the Sarchet blogs? theyardvincent and is our family one. Talk to you soon! Julie

Lindsay said...

You're hot!! Image #9 is my fav. You're getting really good at your no smile-model look. Way to go!!

P.S. I'm glad that Dave mentioned that he lost a couple pounds, I've totally noticed! I was just thinking the other day at church he was looking pretty good--much thinner!

Julie Westra said...

Honey, you know I think you're hot, come on! You just don't need as much attention as I do, that's all. Trust me, all the women are giving you the eye, I see it everywhere we go. Especially in your pink ties. That equals
H O T! Like smokin' - honestly. Still waiting for you to post something, as this is supposed to be OUR blog and not just my input. Of coure, you are going to be much more entertaining than myself, so I everyone will want to hear from you more often, just warning you. Love you babe!

Allison Barnes said...

You look awesonme!! Great job. I know how hard it is... No fun!!

Keep shopping, you deserve a whole new wardrobe!!

Love ya,


Dave, one or 2 pounds doesn't even count!!

Are you guys going to Angela's wedding??