Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bacon Burger Barbecue

So, I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm going to attempt to update the blog with several posts in one night's time. Ugh - duanting, but here goes. Try to ignore the grammatical errors. As a disclaimer, you are getting the Reader's Digest version of everything for time's sake, so there goes all the funny out of most of the entries. I can only do so much, people. Okay okay-so this is last month at our friend's, Lindsay and Jeff Brown's house. We had a barbecue over at their bitchin' pad on Memorial Day. Ya, I just used the word bitchin'. The minute we entered, Jeff was busy pulsing a full slab of bacon in the quisinart. First off, way to be in the kitchen, Jeff! Second, do you really know how to operate that thing? Wow - I'm impressed! Anyway - Jeff was attempting to make a "pure" bacon burger. No fillers, additives, nada, just plain, nitrate laden bacon. Dave was drooling visibly at this point. All the menfolk gathered around the barbecue and speculated on it's outcome, intoxicated with the wafting aroma of the pure bacon burger and stared at it - it was freakin hilarious. The end result - well folks, I'm going to tell you - it was pretty much the same as a sausage patty. :) But don't tell the boys that. We had tons of fun visiting with the guests and I had to make us girls do some serious posing, for the blog of course!

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Lindsay said...

I loved that Dave nicknamed it "the widow maker". HeHeHe!