Saturday, July 19, 2008


Alrighty, I'm just going to post a ton of pictures now and throw captions/depictions under them to get caught up. Too many things and I dont have time for "separate" cutsey posts for each category so you are getting an amalgam of the last month. Also, I am going through a bit of withdrawls as I left my camera at a park last month. :( It's killing me but hey, guess who gets that new fancy camera she has been wanting? The one that has way too many functions for any one even technologically advanced person to operate, let alone me, who only needs to know where the zoom button is. I'll let you know when I get it. You'll be able to tell because the photo quality will be much better. It may take a bit of coaxing before it materializes.

This is Dave in AZ at a real estate conference, er, golf I mean

Again, Dave soaking up the sun with friends while he's supposed to be studying hard, ya looks real hard, honey. I feel so bad for you that you have to leave for a week every other month with your friends to go to "school"

cousins in the backyard on Father's Day

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Joe with Natalie and Adilyn on Father's Day

Uncle Brett, his girlfriend Maria (we love her! she's a keeper for sure!, don't mess this up, Brett!) and mommy

Aunt Melani (Pregnant with twins right now - we are so thrilled! They said we could have one of the babies since they were only going for one more and don't have the budget for two) serving dessert at the Father's Day celebration

Family Room shot - look, it's clean! No Polly Pockets on the floor or anything. This must have been early on in the party before the girls dumped out the toys, nop guess not cuz Dad is already curled up with a glass of wine and gettin' ready to pass out.

Mommy with her favorite girls in pink! Looks like Adilyn hates her Aunt Julie. I will have to keep candy in my pocket and buy her love with sugar.

New day - Dinner at Ashley and Zig Serafin ginormous palatial compound/farmland. They are raising chickens there now! Anyway, Natalie and Nina found a pack of gum and went crazy. There were wrappers all over the place.

Mommy doing what she does best - snacking/grazing/munching.

Tiffany and Sela at the swing.

Zig and Julie right before a delcious Ashley meal. Why do I have this face on? I'm about to eat 4 star restaurant quality food at my diva gourmet's house! Dave must have said something rude before he took the picture because I should be smiling like crazy before a meal like this~! That's so like Dave.

Sela and Tiffany not wanting to part after our lovely evening. We stayed forever! Why on earth don't I have pictures of Dave and Ashley!?


Sarchet Family said...

Love the photos! Looks like a fun place for the kids at your friends house. I wish I had room for chickens. Or liked to clean up after them. Yuck!

Debra said...

I'm going to have to re-subscribe to feeds when I get my laptop back because I'm trying to be more green and use that more often than this desktop since it requires more energy. Joe & I would LOVE to come over for dinner whenever you will have us. Sundays work best and we get out of church at 3:30, so we could be there by 4:30. Let us know!

ashley said...

We had so much fun having you guys over as well! I have a really funny photo of you holding one of the chicks before it pooped! All the chicks are now in their big home and loving life. You can watch now them without touching them, that might be a better option for you :)

ashley said...

Oops, it's late and I can't write! Sorry about the typos above!